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04/27/2012 04/27/2012

Ethical Protections in Community-Engaged Research

Traditionally, academic researchers have had complete control over their research, involving communities only as research subjects. Today, more and more research involves community members as full partners – sometimes even co-Principle Investigators – instead of just as research subjects.  Unfortunately, the resulting shift in the composition of research teams is not fully reflected in the [...]

Location : Northside YMCA

05/11/2012 05/11/2012

Integrated Approaches to Grassroots Development Here and Around the World

Not everyone who teaches at the University of Wisconsin is a member of the faculty. In fact, many of the outreach programs of the Department of Professional Development and Applied Studies are taught by academic staff and community-based partners. Rick Brooks and his colleagues teach, offer technical assistance, develop innovative projects in response to community [...]

Location : Northside YMCA

06/15/2012 06/15/2012

Bringing Together Stakeholders Concerned about Public Health and Environmental Justice

By identifying and comparing the factors that shape programs—including organizational structure, financing, and opinions of individual stakeholders—Dr. Senier hopes to find ways for state health agencies to effectively translate scientific knowledge into sound policy. Dr. Senier is excited by UW’s approach to integrating public health and medicine: its combined educational programs at the School of [...]

Location : Northside YMCA

07/13/2012 07/13/2012

Utilization Focused Evaluation: Making Evaluation Meaningful for All

Jessica Rice, Associate Researcher and manager of the Design, Analysis and Evaluation team at the Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH) collaborates with community groups, physicians and researchers to facilitate evaluation and research for community-based projects and consults on other Center-related projects. Courtenay Kessler, Associate Researcher in the Design, Analysis and Evaluation team at CUPH, [...]

Location : Northside YMCA

09/28/2012 09/28/2012

US Health Policy and Politics: An Election Preview

John Meurer, MD, MBA, Director for the Institute for Health and Society, shares expertise in administration, patient care, research, education and community engagement. A Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Meurer has served since 2004 as the MCW Chief of General Pediatrics. He practices at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Dr. Meuer is also Medical Director of the [...]

Location : Northside YMCA

10/12/2012 10/12/2012

Opening the Black Box: Lessons Learned from Seven Years of Community Academic Partnerships

Syed M. Ahmed is the Associate Dean for Public and Community Health, a Professor in the Institute for Health and Society, and a Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. He is also the Director of the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program and the Director of the Center for Healthy Communities. Through his educational, [...]

Location : Northside YMCA

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